The Case for the 70-game NHL Season

I have a suggestion for how to format the playoffs in the COVID-19 Pandemic season. It isn’t gimmicky, it’s fair, and it can be done in two nights prior to the start of a standard 16-team playoffs. This means nobody can complain, and there should be no asterisk beside the cup winner.

Using Docker For NAPALM Automation

Do you have an environment where you don’t have total control? Would you like to have the ability to run your own Python environment anywhere? Read on!


My New Website!

It’s been a while since I had a personal blog. But I’m back!

The JNCIE-ENT Alpha Experience

After participating in the JNCIE-ENT alpha lab on June 28, 2011, I decided a post detailing my experience was in order. I’ll trying to include as much information as I can, while making sure to not violate any candidate non-disclosure.